July 22, 2024

Arrow Tyre

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Arrow Tyre

In 2009, Arrow Tyres Pte Ltd was founded and has one service center in Serangoon and another in Tampines. For more than a decade, they have worked tirelessly to enhance their services and have since become one of Singapore’s most respected tyre shops.

Customers at Arrow Tyres are important to them, therefore they strive to provide the greatest pricing and service in town. If you’re in the market for new tires, rims, batteries, or other vehicle parts, you can count on finding everything you need at a great price.

If you’re looking for a tyre shop near me for new tyres, sports rims or batteries, Arrow Tyres is the place to go! Arrow Tyres guarantees that you’ll be able to locate the right goods for your vehicle.

Arrow Tyre Products

Used Tyres

2nd Hand Yokohama tyres singapore and many other brands For Sale

Radar Tyres

Radar Tyre Models
Radar Dimax R8
Radar Renegade Mud Terrain and All Terrain Tyres
Radar RPX800
Radar Tyres for Commercial Vehicles

Radar Renegade Tires – Off-road tyres from the Renegade family by Radar Tyres are renowned for their ability to provide drivers with a smooth and quiet ride. The Renegade line is a popular choice for drivers looking for a more rough and aggressive appearance.

Radar Dimax Tires – The Dimax line of Radar Tyres is tailored to fit both medium and high-performance automobiles. Those looking for tyres with precise handling and outstanding dry and wet traction can go no further than the Dimax line.

Winrun Tyres

Winrun R330 Tyres

Winrun R380

Tyre Services

Car Servicing

Owners of automobiles need to get their vehicles serviced on a regular basis. Taking care of your vehicle on a regular basis might enhance its performance. Furthermore, it may greatly lessen the likelihood of major issues developing in the future and therefore resulting in significant repair expenses.

Customers of Arrow Tyres will now be able to take advantage of auto maintenance services in addition to their regular tire rotations. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in good hands with their team of highly trained experts.

Car Alignment – How and why you should get your wheels aligned and balanced

Misalignment of the wheels on our vehicles is a regular occurrence as we go on our daily commute. Your wheels might become misaligned as a result of hitting potholes, uneven pavement, and collisions. Suspension springs, which maintain your alignment in place but may get loosened over time, are another common cause of misalignment in automobiles.

Onsite Battery Replacement

24 Hour Car Battery Replacement – Mobile Car Battery Replacement Service

Rim Repair

Rim Restoration Services

Arrow Tyres provides rim repair services to restore your damaged tyres to their original condition. You can rely on us to fix any damage, no matter how little or extensive it may be. Get in touch with us to see how we can help restore your rims to their former glory.


Rim Scratch Repair

Scratches may dull and ruin your rims. Wheels may be repaired using a mixture of cleaning, thinner, sanding, filler, priming, and paint.

Rim Rash Repair
Rim damage occurs when your tires scrape against a curb or another impediment. As a consequence, your rims will have an ugly and unclean appearance. Removing curb rash requires sanding, filler, paint thinner, and primer, all of which are used in conjunction with each other.

Car Rims

Used Rims
VLF Rims

Car Battery

Amaron Batteries

Varta Batteries

Arrow Tyres Address - Serangoon

50 Serangoon North Avenue 4 #01-16 First Centre S (555856)

Arrow Tyres Telephone Number

+65 6570 8087

Arrow Tyres Email


Arrow Tyre Operating Hours

Monday-Friday: 09:00 AM – 06:30 PM
Saturday: 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Sunday: 09:00 AM – 03:30 PM
Support 24/7

Arrow Tyres Address - Tampines

1 Tampines North Drive 3 #01-03 BHCC Space Building
Singapore 528499

Arrow Tyres Tampines Telephone Number

+65 6592 4933

+65 8809 6961

Arrow TyresTampines Operating Hours

Monday-Friday: 09:00 AM – 06:30 PM
Saturday: 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Sunday and PH: 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM

**Car Servicing and Alignment not available at this location.