July 22, 2024

Ford Wheels

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Wheels manufactured by Ford

Ford Alloy Wheels Ford’s original wheels were manufactured of aluminum alloy mouldings by Cragar, whose rims are now becoming increasingly difficult to find. Ford wheels have a robust appearance, and they have a highly durable rim that is also quite light in weight. There are a variety of features to the original Ford wheels, including being highly aerodynamic, some having a thin design, and others being referred to as “fats.” The hubs are connected to the wheels using lug nuts that are designed specifically for this purpose.

When Ford was developing the requirements for the new Kuga, a new design in the Ford marketplace, the Ford 4 x 4 crossover, the company concentrated on driving dynamics. The new Kuga has been hailed as nimble, with a high driving position and outstanding road holding ability, among other characteristics. Cornering in the Kuga may be a little hairy, with a noticeable amount of body roll, however this is a subjective opinion; some individuals have reported the body roll as being minor in the Kuga as well. Despite its height, the Kuga manages to maintain a high level of stability.

The Kuga has been developed with a four-wheel-drive-on-demand gearbox that is electronically controlled and monitored. When the rear Ford wheels are required to be engaged, up to 50% of the available torque can be transferred to the back wheels as needed to achieve the desired result. When driving on difficult terrain, it is possible to attain angles of up to 25 degrees. The sport utility vehicle is one of Ford’s ecologically friendly cars, and the new Ford Kuga has the lowest fuel emissions of any of the company’s vehicles, while still providing great road holding thanks to its excellent suspension.

In terms of marketing, the Kuga is positioned as a luxury SUV that has been completed to the best possible quality, including the aluminum Ford wheels, which are chosen not only for their visual appeal, but also for the increased security that comes with improved road holding abilities. The key of alloy Ford wheels is in their manufacturing, which reduces tyre stress while simultaneously enhancing the overall safety of the wheel owing to the lack of seams. The weakest place is where the seam is welded; without the necessity for seams, the total strength of the wheel is significantly increased. A moulded aluminum alloy wheel lowers wear on the tyres as well as achieving a considerably better balance, resulting in a significantly longer life for the tyres in the long run.

Hindalco, a company located around 160 kilometers from Mumbai, manufactures the alloy wheels used on all Ford cars. Hindalco was awarded the prestigious ISO/TS 16949:2002 certificate by RWTUV in Germany in 2003, following the receipt of the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certifications. These accolades were well-deserved, given that Hindalco wheels are used on vehicles manufactured by Ford, Reva, Fiat, Honda, General Motors, Tata Motors, and Maruti Suzuki, among others.