July 22, 2024

Saab Viking Wheel

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Saab Viking Wheel built by Vikings for Vikings

Saab Automobile AB, founded in 1937 by Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget (Swedish Aeroplane Company) was a Swedish car manufacturer that manufactured automobiles, buses and trucks that had an association with General Motors from 1990-2010. With the goal of becoming a leading supplier of safety technology to the automotive industry, Saab Automotive AB now supplies high-performance components to other manufacturers as well as its own vehicles.

In 1948, two brothers from Sweden, David and Lars Magnus Saabye, started a company to produce a car that would be both economical and reliable. They assembled their first car in 1949, and called it the Saab 92. It was a compact vehicle that became popular with drivers who needed something dependable but affordable.

Saab automobiles have been popular for over 50 years now, and show no signs of slowing down in popularity amongst its harden fanbase but the company filed for bankruptcy back in 2011.

Saab created this wheel to help solve the three major problems that plague the traditional Saab Viking wheel design. The first problem with the traditional design is that it doesn’t allow for either easy turning or directional changes. The second problem is its tendency to pivot around the axle, which leaves it vulnerable to damage if not properly adjusted.

You can check out the designs and sizes for all Saab Viking Wheel over at Saab Archive

Saab Viking Wheel Service

Saab Viking Wheel Service has recently been introduced, which is fantastic news for all of you Saab enthusiasts out there. Mr. Wally Erikkson is the mastermind behind this endeavor, and he is the architect behind it. Many years have passed since Mr Erikkson began working in the “Wheel” industry. Indeed, he creates and manufactures specialized gear for alloy wheel repair that includes shaping, bending, and straightening broken alloy wheels.

In addition to continental Europe, the United States, and Canada, his patented equipment is in use all over the world. And now, Mr Erikkson has made the decision to establish Saab Viking Wheel Service, bringing with him his extensive industry expertise and experience to the table as well.

Saab Viking Wheel

Mr. Bill Jacobson is the other individual who had an important role in the creation of this new company. Mr Jacobson also possesses a lot of expertise and experience obtained from his work in the automobile industry, namely with Saab.

It was in the metal “bashing” business that he first got his start, and it was there that he got his start in engineering metals and completing them (painting, plating etc). Since the 1950s and 1960s, Mr Jacobson’s family has been involved in the automobile industry, with his father having been a Saab dealer and a racing fan in his youth. Mr Bill is also the head of a firm named Sports Car Service Inc, which specializes in repairs, used car sales, and parts and accessories, with a particular emphasis on Saab vehicles and vehicles in general.

The factory is equipped with a complete range of workshop gear, which includes CNC machines, welding capabilities, and an in-house paint facility. The company relies on a tried and trusted plating expert with years of experience in offering a range of various finishes to the highest possible quality standards for all of their plating requirements.

If you are experiencing a problem with your wheels, it is recommended that you contact Viking Wheel Service for assistance. For example, they may widen wheels or build adaptors, among other things.

Viking will also repair and alter truck and motorcycle wheels, in addition to automobile wheels. Viking has electro powder coating technology that can match whatever color you choose, even if it is only a basic “spay” job.

Despite the fact that Saab Viking Wheel Service has a set price list for “typical” work, they will also give free estimates for any work that is outside of their normal scope of business.

I recommend just visiting their website to get an idea of the kind of problems they are capable of repairing. Alloy wheels are already a significant financial commitment, so anything that might assist to safeguard that investment is definitely worth exploring.

Viking is headquartered in Wilmington and uses professional couriers, such as UPS and Fedex, to transport and receive goods. As a result, there will be no difficulty in getting your alloy wheels to them, and there will be no delay in having your repaired items back to you when they have been fixed.


**In June 2021 Wally Eriksson sadly passed away, Rest in Peace Wally**