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TSW Wheels

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TSW Wheels is a company that manufactures high quality aftermarket alloy wheels.

TSW Wheels

Since its inception in 1967, Tiger Sport Wheels (also known as TSW wheels) has grown to become the leading supplier and distributor of wheels in the United States and Europe. Since the 1980s, Tiger Sport Wheels has become the leading supplier and distributor of wheels in the United States and Europe.

It was in 1994 that TSW was able to consolidate its position in the worldwide market by increasing its capacity through the acquisition of one of its largest competitors, which resulted in increased demand for TSW Wheels. As a result of its ability to adapt to new requirements and demands, TSW Wheels has always had a competitive advantage by acting and reacting quickly to emerging market trends. There is no doubt that one of the most important factors in TSW’s success was the well-appointed management and marketing strategies, as well as the exquisite quality of the products and services it provided.

Quality is, without a doubt, the number one priority in manufacturing at TSW. Raw materials, manufacturing methods, and standards are all subject to particular and stringent control at all stages, and the firm is well-known for the rigorous crash testing that are performed on the finished wheels before they are released into the market. It is because of the remarkable technical breakthroughs that arrived with TSW wheels that all of these controls and advanced procedures are possible. One of the revolutions that occurred with TSW Wheels was the introduction of centering rings, which ensured simple and smooth motion as well as excellent stability. Centering rings were later adopted in other types of wheels, but they were first introduced in TSW Wheels. It is perfectly reasonable that the firm, which has been a major supplier of wheels for Formula 1 and racing vehicles from its inception, remains concerned with precision and quality as it has done since its inception.

There are seventeen to twenty-two sizes of TSW wheels available, and they may be clothed with any sort of tire since they are well-known for their particular fitting skills, not only in relation to the automobile, but also in relation to the tire itself. TSW wheels are offered in a variety of wheel and tire bundles for individuals looking to get TSW wheels at a low cost.

TSW Group owns numerous distinct aftermarket wheel brands, each catering to a distinct clientele in the regions where we compete.

Victor, Cray, Redbourne, Coventry, Petrol, Black Rhino, and Coventry are only a few of the brands established by the firm for certain types of cars. For example, Victor is specifically for BMW models, Cray is exclusively for Corvettes, and Coventry is exclusively for all Jaguar models.

In 2020, TSW will launched a new brand called Ohm Tesla Wheels, which will focus first on wheels for Tesla automobiles. Ohm’s Tesla Custom Rims are designed specifically for Tesla vehicles. Ohm makes aftermarket Tesla wheels for the following vehicles:


Ohm Wheels were developed with electric cars in mind. This implies that your Tesla is considered at every stage of the wheel-making process.

Ohm Wheels are available in several unique designs that you won’t find on any other automobiles. The dimensions of the wheels are designed to ensure a snugger fit.


Here is a full list of all the TSW Aftermarket Wheels they own!

www.tsw.com A variety of aftermarket alloy wheels with the widest selection of staggered widths in the globe.

www.beyernwheels.com Custom-made for BMW automobiles only aftermarket rims.

www.blackrhinowheels.com Custom-made off-road SUVs and vehicles require aftermarket wheels with certain dimensions.

www.coventrywheels.com Modified rims designed specifically for use with Jaguars.

www.craywheels.com Custom-made rims that are a perfect fit for your Corvette.

www.geniussmartcarwheels.com Replacement wheels designed specifically for use with Smart Cars.

www.level8wheels.com Custom-made off-road SUVs and vehicles require aftermarket wheels with certain dimensions.

www.mandruswheels.com Custom-made for Mercedes Benz automobiles, these aftermarket wheels are a perfect complement.

www.ohmwheels.com Custom-made rims for use just on Teslas.

www.petrolwheels.com Cost-effective aftermarket rims.

www.redbournewheels.com OEM-quality replacement wheels designed specifically for Land Rovers.

www.ruffwheels.com Tuner aftermarket wheels with dual-drilled choices.

www.statuswheels.com SUV aftermarket wheels range in diameter from 20 to 26 inches.

www.tuffwheels.com Replacement tires and wheels for lifted pickups, available in sizes up to 26 inches.

www.victorequipmentwheels.com The only aftermarket wheels designed to perfectly fit Porsche automobiles.

www.xoluxurywheels.com Custom-made rims for the most opulent automobiles.

TSW Wheels FAQ

Question Answer
Where are TSW wheels made? TSW wheels are manufactured in a variety of countries including Japan, China, and Taiwan. 
Did TSW sell to Wheel Pros? Yes, Wheel Pros acquired TSW in 2019. 
What is the cost of TSW alloy wheels? The cost of TSW wheels can vary depending on the specific model and size, but generally range from around $150 to $400 per wheel. 
Are TSW wheels forged? Some TSW wheels are forged, but not all. TSW offers both cast and forged wheels in their product lineup. 
Who bought TSW wheels? Wheel Pros bought TSW wheels. 
What does TSW mean for wheels? TSW stands for “The Spirit of Competition” and is a brand of aftermarket wheels
Who is the CEO of TSW alloy wheels? Terence Scheckter, President of TSW Alloy Wheels
What are the disadvantages of forged wheels? Forged wheels tend to be more expensive than cast wheels, and may not have as many design options available. Additionally, forged wheels are typically harder to repair if damaged compared to cast wheels. 
Are TSW wheels lightweight? TSW wheels can vary in weight depending on the specific model and size, but many of their wheels are designed to be lightweight for performance purposes. 
Are TSW rims light? TSW rims come in different models and sizes, and their weight may vary. However, many of their rims are specifically designed to be lightweight, with performance in mind.

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