March 22, 2023

Centerline Wheels

Centerline Wheels Closed down Production in 2017!

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Centerline Wheels are long-lasting and, to use a popular term, “Incredible Rims” All around the world, Centerline Wheels are regarded as one of the pioneers of design and research in the field of wheel development and research.

It caters to the needs of the majority of automobile markets and is a leader in high-performance production, as the firm manufactures both racing wheels and ordinary wheels of the highest quality.

Centerline wheels closed it's doors back in 2017 after 40 years supplying aftermarket alloy wheels!

It’s the 22nd of August in Corona, California. Center Line Wheels, which has operated in Southern California for more than four decades, ceased operations in April of 2017. Design Infini, a wheel producer headquartered in Corona, California, has purchased the rights to the Center Line name and accompanying intellectual property.

By acquiring the Center Line brand, Design Infini will be able to create new goods under the Center Line name, taking full use of Design Infini’s design, production, and advertising capabilities.

Design Infini owns the Center Line, GEAR and ATD Wheels brands. Founded by Suny Chung in 1995, Design Infini has spent over two decades designing and prototyping automotive wheels for these brands.

For more than 40 years, Centerline Wheels have been machined and manufactured in the United States of America. Furthermore, when it comes to wheels, Center Line will have a reputation for excellent quality, advanced engineering, and ongoing research and development in the car market business. But now sadly they have decided to end 4 decades in the industry!

At the time of the company’s inception, Ray Lipper served as its leader. Under his direction, the business endeavored to advance the conceptualization and technological development of a wheel that was suitable for use in high-performance racing.

The firm got its start by producing one of the most well-known racing wheels available on the market. They then developed the standard wheel used in the automotive sector, and now they service wheels for Center Line customers all over the globe.

Centerline Wheels Available in Australia

In addition to North America, Australia is a popular destination for Center Line users. The country is so large that Star Plus Australia was chosen to be the facility that would become an importer and distributor for Center Line forged alloy wheels and wheels from other manufacturers.

If you acquire Centerline Wheels from any other factory, the odds are that they will not be authentic Centerline Wheels , unless you purchased them through Star Australia.

Moreover, Center Line offers an extensive selection of wheels manufactured by Star Plus, with a variety of styles to pick from to complement your vehicle’s unique appearance. When you drive on a Center Line Wheels, you will immediately recognize them as they quickly become a favorite among all drivers across the world owing to its sleekness, style, balance, light weight, low cost, warranty, and overall comfort.

Centerline Wheels for the Jeep Wrangler

Centerline Wheels Jeep Wrangler Hammer

Centerline Wheels is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket wheels for a variety of vehicles, including the Jeep Wrangler. These wheels are designed to enhance the performance and appearance of your Jeep, while also providing reliable and durable construction.

Centerline offers a wide range of wheel styles and sizes to suit the unique needs and preferences of Jeep Wrangler owners. From classic steel wheels to modern alloy wheels, there is a Centerline option to suit every taste. Additionally, these wheels are available in a variety of finishes, including chrome, black, and more, to perfectly match the look of your Jeep.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade the wheels on your daily driver or give your Jeep a more aggressive look for off-road adventures, Centerline has a solution for you. With their dedication to quality and performance, you can trust that a set of Centerline wheels will provide the perfect finishing touch to your Jeep Wrangler.

What Wheel Sizes and Finishes can you choose from?

Centerline Wheels offers a wide range of sizes and finishes for their Jeep Wrangler wheels.

Centerline wheels are available in diameters ranging from 15 to 15 and widths from 3.5 to 4. Additionally, Centerline wheels are offered in 20” and 22” diameters to cater to muscle car fitments.

In terms of sizes, the specific options available will depend on the specific model of Jeep Wrangler you have and the size of the wheels that are compatible with your vehicle. 

However, in general, Centerline offers a range of sizes to suit different needs and preferences, including larger sizes for a more aggressive appearance and smaller sizes for a more streamlined look.

As for finishes, Centerline offers a variety of options to choose from, including:

  • Chrome: A classic finish that adds a polished and shiny look to your wheels.
  • Black: A sleek and modern finish that provides a bold contrast to the body of your Jeep.
  • Powder-coated: A durable finish that is applied as a dry powder and then baked on to the wheels, providing a strong and long-lasting finish.
  • Painted: A finish that allows you to customize the color of your wheels to match or contrast with the body of your Jeep.

Other finishes available are Satin Brushed, Black Milled, Brushed Dark Tint, Clear Brushed, Gloss Black, Gloss Gunmetal, Machined Black, Polished, Satin Black and Satin Black with Bronze Rin.

It’s worth noting that the specific finishes available may vary depending on the specific model of wheel you choose. Be sure to check the product details for the wheels you’re interested in to see all of the available finish options.

Centerline Wheels Conclusion - Why Choose Centerline?

This is simply one of the reasons why they are a well-known and well-respected brand name around the world, since they are well-known for their quality. So, when you’re looking for a wheel that has it all, why not get one from a Center Line authorized dealer and experience driving on one of the best designed and made wheels in the automotive industry today, and discover why Centerline Wheels  are recognized for their smooth ride.

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